The Story about Anklets!

Quick story, growing up my mom acted as a gatekeeper for the weirdest things. I couldn’t touch eyeliner until I was around 14 and anklets until 16. I never understood why, but they have a long history of being a controversial accessory. I’ve heard everything from them being an indicator of a woman’s relationship status, representing a free spirit, being inappropriate in the workplace, the list goes on. While I have no idea why they get such a mixed-up reputation, I’m here to reassure you that the rules don’t exist. Do you sis!


Summer, winter, fall, there’s an anklet for any occasion. While they get the most shine in the warmer months, they can be worn just as fashionably in fall and winter. A lot of women love the anklet on bare skin look and adding a pop of color or a statement piece can take your beach look to the next level. As we’ve said before, here at 1929 we are totally faithful to the chunky gold anklet

Seen here

paired with socks and sneakers no matter the season.


Many people just starting out get confused about which ankle to wear their anklet on. While there used to be some messages hidden in which ankle a woman chose, I don’t think most people have kept up with those customs over the years. In ancient times, an anklet on the right ankle meant you were in a serious relationship and the opposing ankle signified a woman single and ready to mingle.


Are you able to wear an anklet on both ankles is also a question we’re asked often. While we don’t discourage anyone from accessorizing, there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. While it’s definitely possible to successfully pull this look off, layering anklets on one ankle is also an option. Check out our post on layering necklaces here as well as how to create the perfect ring stack here for tips on layering.


If you’re just beginning here are some of our favorite anklets that accessorize well in any season: