About Us/ Jewelry Care

1929 Galore believes that jewelry helps you express individuality and cultivate your unique style. We believe in jewelry as a way to adorn a look and to make us feel good. Priding ourselves on customer service we welcome all inquiries to info@1929galore.com



1929 started in 2009 with a jewelry collection, the name 1929 is a blend of two sisters birthdate. The 19th is the designer's sister and the 29th is TeQuia the designers birthdate. Being raised in a tight-knit family and one of her moms only two daughters, the number 1929 always had meaning! Her love for jewelry started at a young age playing in her grandmother's jewelry boxes and admiring her mothers Bamboo hoops. This love for all jewelry new and vintage birthed 1929 Galore. A place where you can find unique handmade, vintage, fine jewelry and costume jewelry that will transcend from season to season!


Jewelry Care

  • To ensure the longevity of your piece we recommend removing all jewelry before swimming or showering. If you happen to wet a piece dry it off immediately.
  • Please keep from exposing your jewelry to perfumes and oils as this may cause them to tarnish easily.
  • Keep all jewelry stored in cases, boxes or storage pouches. The less exposure to dust the better.

*All fine jewelry is ok for water and moisture exposure it should just be cleaned regularly with Jewelry cleaner to restore its shine*


Our Jewelry Material

  • Gold tone- refers to a piece that is made of a base metal. It has no gold content (not plated) but has a finish that appears gold
  • Gold plated- pieces made of a base metal with a VERY thin layer of gold applied to the top.
  • Gold-filled- NOT real gold, it is plated or bonded gold layer to a base metal or brass that has a small amount of real gold in it. This is what makes gold-filled jewelry last longer than gold tone or gold-plated jewelry. The use of gold filling makes it more durable and longer lasting than a traditional gold plated piece.
  • 10k Gold, 14K Gold, 18k Gold is REAL GOLD JEWELRY. 10k is more affordable because it has a lower gold content than any other karat.
  • Stainless Steel is a metal comprised of Molybdenum and nickel which makes it last longer and helps with its resistant to water. This metal is not recommended for those with allergies to nickel. All of our stainless steel pieces are stated in the descriptions as well as the caution to those with allergies. If you get stainless steel jewelry wet be sure to towel dry after to increase the longevity of your piece.