How to stack rings like a pro!


While layering your hair, or layering your outfit by pairing with it with your favorite scarf can seem straight forward, rings can feel a little more tricky. While we agree, it can be a delicate balance to find the right balance of cute and edgy without going overboard, the right ring collection can seriously elevate any look. Here are a few tips on achieving the perfect ring stack:



1. The key to nailing this look is to start with the right base. Start with a bottom up approach, viewing your hand as a triangle. Start with thicker bands at the bottom and get thinner as you progress up the triangle.


2. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals. While this used to be heavily frowned upon, we’re here to tell you to go for it! If you aren’t sure which metals look best together, use your outfit or nail design as a starting point. If you’re a little hesitant or unsure where to start, the gold and rose gold mix is always a solid choice.


3. Play with texture. Different contrasts raise the bar with this look. Don’t be afraid to pull out the statement ring and mix delicate with bold.


4. Show a little skin. Don’t be afraid to leave a finger bare, this can be the difference between cohesive and overwhelming.


5. Mix in some vintage! Building a ring collection isn’t an overnight thing. Start with things you already have and may have pushed to the back of your jewelry box.


Remember, practice makes perfect every time! This look has endless possibilities, really just about finding what works best for you. Still lacking inspiration?

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