Why is the Hoop Earring a timeless piece of Jewelry...

I read an article recently that referred to hoop earrings as one of the “biggest jewelry trends of 2021” as if hoops haven't always been an iconic classic! Originating in ancient Egypt as a way for Kings and Queens to show off their social status, it’s safe to say they've always been a must-have accessory.


More than adding a little edge to any look, hoop earrings have really diverse styling options and look good with just about anything. Need to hop on a Zoom call? Throw on a pair of hoops. Headed out for a night on the town? You guessed it, throw on some hoops! The possibilities are endless, along with the colors, textures, and size options. 


In addition to boosting any look, hoops also compliment any face shape. Framing your face while adding a little dazzle, hoop earrings look amazing when your hair is pulled back in a sleek bun or ponytail. Whether you’re looking for something to compliment your everyday style or something red carpet-worthy, hoops earrings have something for everyone. Here are some of our best sellers guaranteed to elevate any look:

If you want a smaller hoop try the Hunter Hoops:

For a medium style hoop try the Thin Hammered Hoops :

And lastly for a large hoop try our Hula Hoops: