What Jewelry to wear with a V-Neck Sweater!

Fall is here! My favorite time of year. (Admittedly, we're a little closer to winter, but don't get distracted.) The days are here when the weather is perfect, you’re feeling cozy and a simple sweater will keep you warm all day!

With all sweaters, the right accessories are essential. Different necklines require different pieces. While pulling out your fall faves feels natural, styling them may feel like more of a task! There is a lot of ground to cover as far as sweaters go. We could dive into turtle necks, boat necks, and crew necks, but let’s focus on a personal favorite of mine, v-necks.

A v-neck sweater is such a classy classic. I love this look with layers or a statement necklace. Regardless of which one you choose, it is important to make sure the jewelry stays above the fabric line and doesn’t dip below. I’ve seen some posts about necklaces being above the neckline and a few over the sweater. Let’s be honest, that’s a little sloppy (in my humble opinion). Getting back on topic, layers (Check out our post) provide a subtle accent and can bring attention to the neckline. When layering this look it’s important to keep it simple. Wearing too many pieces together can be easy overkill. The perfect phrase here is “compliment, not compete”.

A statement necklace is another alternative. Statement pieces brighten up any outfit and give it a bit more oomph overall. Pendants and big pieces create a distinct look. Here are some ideas to bring the ensemble to life:

When choosing earrings, the same phrase applies. Don’t overpower the sweater. I’ve said it a million times, but here’s a million and one: keep it simple! You don't want people staring at all the dangling baubles instead of admiring what's underneath.
Here are some of our recommendations to shop the look: