Wanna know why the Mini Hoop is your New favorite earring!

I think we’re in agreement that hoop earrings are an eternal favorite and absolute staple item in your ear-drobe, but curating the perfect collection can take some time. With so many different sizes, textures, and finishes to choose from things can get overwhelming, but you know we’ve got you covered.


Let’s talk about one of our current faves, the mini hoop. A minimalist staple, these earrings can make any outfit look chic and stylish with very little effort. While we’re all spending more time in the house juggling zoom calls, the mini hoop is a great way to keep things cute and comfy without missing out on your daily jewelry fix. 


Referred to as mini earrings or huggies, they’re dainty, elegant, and a great alternative to the classic stud earring. Complimenting any face shape, these earrings definitely fall under the “tiny but mighty” category. 


The delicate look of mini hoops makes them easy to pair with any hairstyle or any look for that matter. Meant to be mixed and matched, these lightweight beauties can be stacked, worn with a statement necklace to add a little drama, or worn alone for a simple classic look. We prefer to switch it up for a balanced look by rocking either a statement necklace with mini hoops, or statement hoops with a small necklace, but it’s really your world, create the look that compliments you! 


The sleek look combined with ease of pairing makes sure there’s a pair for every lady. We’ve pulled together a list of our fave mini hoops that will seamlessly fit into your day-to-day jewelry routine. 

Here are a few of our favorites: