Statement Jewelry is IN!

Whether it’s big earrings or large cuffs. One thing is for sure, statement jewelry is definitely in for this upcoming spring/summer. Us Galore girl love a gold cuff moment so more of those will be returning just before Spring makes its debut. Every fashion girlie dreams of making her iconic fashion moment and statement jewelry is the way to do just that. These type of show-stopping pieces add that extra flare to any personal style look. It also gives you the green light to mix different metals, textures and stones.


Looking at all the pictures from PFW I saw the trend of chunky jewelry and it made me so happy. I love a good statement piece to really accentuate an outfit! A big bold earring with a slip dress or chunky bangles with a t-shirt and jeans. The outfit combinations are Endless. Let’s have fun this spring summer but adding some of our bold pieces to the mix!


 Got a closet full of basics? No problem, a chunky piece of jewelry will elevate that look. Honestly those are the types of clothes I like to wear with my bold jewelry. That way jewelry is the focale point and it just makes for a chic look.