Should I sleep in my jewelry?

We’re all guilty of coming in from a long night with the girls and heading straight for the bed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the morning to messy hair, smudged makeup, still wearing last night’s jewelry. Is sleeping in your jewelry really that bad?

Our answer is, YES. While it won’t kill you, or anyone else it’s simply a bad habit that can lead to breaking and tarnishing of your jewelry.


Let’s start with the obvious, very few of us are Sleeping Beauty, meaning when we sleep we toss and turn trying to find the right position. If you’re wearing a necklace it’s on that ride with you, being pulled every which direction or being trapped under you for who knows how long. This can lead to breaking of the chain, weakening of the prongs, and tangling.


Rings, are a little different and generally seem safer to sleep in. Just as a rule of thumb and to create good habits to protect your jewelry, we recommend removing those too. As we sleep our fingers swell, which can lead to an unconformable night’s sleep. Also, your rings can be exposed to excessive heat or pressure which can damage them or cause them to dull.


Outside of those major things, once awake we tend to head straight for the shower to wash off last night. Exposing jewelry to water and later your favorite body butter can cause it to prematurely tarnish and lose shine.

It’s just simply not the best practice. It’s a choice of what’s best for you and how long you want your jewelry investments to last. We recommend incorporating removing your jewelry as part of your nightly routine.


Check out our jewelry care page for more information.