Ring on Every Finger!

Most people wear at most one or two rings on each hand, not us. We like to take things a step further and bling out each finger. Commonly done with ring sets, giving little room for error, the look exudes confidence and individuality.


To get started with this look, it is very important to know your ring size for each finger. My pinky ring is a size 4, my ring finger is a size 7, my middle and index are a size 8. Do you know yours? If not, there are many ways to find out. Way back in the day, I used to take a piece of dental floss or any string I could find laying around and wrap it around each finger, measure it against a ruler and get my sizes. Times have changed and there are more sophisticated ways to do this now including using a printable ring sizer, but nothing beats a classic hack. Keep in mind ring sizes can be affected by cold weather which can cause fingers to shrink a bit or heat and water retention which can cause them to be larger and swell.


Once you have the sizes you can start creating your stack. It’ll have you stacking rings like a pro in no time. The key takeaway from our previous post is to start with a bottom-up approach when wearing multiple rings on one hand. Using that same method we work inward, using your middle finger for the statement piece. Your index and pinky will be where your simple pieces shine, the Hoop Ring or the CoCo Ring are great for this look. For a unison chic look wearing simple bands on each finger never misses!


Check out some of our favorite pieces to create your perfect stack: