Lets take it back to the 90s!!

Calling all my FLY GIRLS, shoutout to Omar Tyree. The 90s are back baby and by back we mean they blazed in with a vengeance. Let's take a walk through an era known for its classic jewelry and highlight some trends that may have started in the 90s but have become ingrained in society’s fashionable fabric.


Starting with the familiar classic, the bamboo doorknocker earring. Originally gaining popularity in the mid-80s, they stormed into the 90s with LL COOL J’s classic hit, “Around the Way Girl”. “I want a girl with extensions in her hair. Bamboo earrings, at least two pair.” ( I am definitely rapping as I'm typing, in case you were wondering!) They’re a cultural staple, and also a staple here at 1929. In our earring catalog, we have the Classic Bamboo Earring, the birth year bamboo  the custom and initial bamboos, the triangle and custom triangle, and the Stella.


Next up, we have custom jewelry. Highlighted in our Gifts for the Picky Girl post, custom nameplates, rings, and earrings gained a lot of popularity in the 90s. Coming in different shapes and sizes, if grew up in any inner-city and passed a jewelry store you were sure to see nameplate necklaces in the window. We can’t give the history of these without acknowledging that while always popular in the black and Latinx culture, they went mainstream when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie started wearing a nameplate on the hit series Sex & the City. Sometimes referred to as the “Carrie Necklace”, custom nameplate jewelry started as a way for those marginalized to mark their place in the world. To date, there are numerous Instagrams and campaigns dedicated to the culture of nameplate jewelry. 


We’ve covered hoop earrings previously, but we can’t talk 90’s jewelry without mentioning dramatically big hoop earrings. Back in the day, there was a saying, “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the…”, y'all know the rest. In a time where we’re no longer willing to be defined by silly phrases, it’s only right that the huge hoop trend has reemerged over the years. Now and forever a timeless piece, the hoop earring was worn by both men and women alike in the 1990s. 


In the 80s and 90s, thick, juicy layered pieces reigned supreme! Everyone was a maximalist, the more gold the better! Worn in those times as a status symbol, layering necklaces was all about showing off your bling and making a bold statement. Influenced by hip-hop artists like Missy Elliot, Salt-n-Pepa, and MC Lyte, chunky necklaces and necklace layering has since gone mainstream. A trend to some, it’s a part of day-to-day accessorizing for most. To create the perfect layer in this era, we recommend mixing dainty with statement pieces to create a solid balance. Check out our necklace catalog for the full collection and create a layer that highlights your individual style. 


In addition to all the jewelry trends listed here, there are countless fashion trends we could go on and on about! What were some of your favorite trends of the 90s? Hit us up on social media @1929Galore and let us know what nostalgic trends you’d like to see more of!