Just because it's Fall doesn't mean put your anklets away!


Not a drill ladies, spooky season is upon us and I can’t wait to drape myself in all things cozy! The time to put away your sandals and daisy dukes and whip out your high socks and sneakers is almost here! Not to be this girl, but can you believe we’re only a few months away from 2022?! Like where is the time going?


Ankle-bearing season is coming to a swift halt, but that doesn’t mean anklets have to. We covered the history of the accessory and their versatility a few months ago, but let's bring it back and showcase a few ways to wear them year-round.


If you’ve been on any of our social media platforms, you know we’re not at all shy about rocking anklets over socks. Let’s go through some of our favorite anklet layers.

Just to paraphrase, well myself. The best way to way anklets is to stick to one ankle and bling it out from there. We love the dainty mixed with the chunky, bold and chunky, honestly, we love it all!


Personally, the only times I stay away from anklets in colder weather are when I'm wearing boots and tights.

Boots for obvious reasons, you can’t see them. Tights and stockings could definitely be a look, but it can end in some unpleasant snagging and eventual destruction of your pantyhose. Sheer socks, on the other hand, are fair game. Tending to be a little thicker, while still serving a really polished looked, sheer socks and anklets are pretty much an Instagram moment waiting to happen.


Check out some of our favorite anklets that accessorize well no matter the season: