I'll be wearing the Selma Bracelet with everything!!


Love is a universal language that transcends boundaries, cultures, and time itself. It's a feeling that captures the essence of our humanity and binds us together in ways that are both profound and beautiful. Inspired by the timeless symbol of love, I am so excited to introduce our latest creation: the Selma Charm Bracelet.

This bracelet is sure to become your new favorite. One of the hearts on the bracelet has diamonds all around giving you a hint of sparkle. The other charms are big bold and gold which really compliment the blue and white beads. 

Our heart charms are seriously versatile! Whether you're into classic vibes that scream timeless elegance or you're all about the latest trends with a modern twist, we've got something for everyone. Whether you're celebrating a big anniversary, swooning over a new crush, or just showing some love to your BFF, our Heart Charm Bracelet will match any mood or occasion.