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How did I start 1929 Galore? There’s no easy answer, but the most important is consistency!
I took whatever extra money I was making from my paychecks working in retail and started my business. A costume jewelry business has a small buy in cost compared to other businesses, so I was able to buy beads with the extra money I had saved.
Every time I made money I put it back in. I started my business with $200!
I bought some beads and started making beaded bracelets and was able to sell them at the boutique I worked in. The jewelry was on consignment and every time something sold I got a check, and I took that money to buy more beads. I just kept flipping the money and flipping it and flipping it. I did this while I still had my part time job for 7 years!
I have so many business lessons in my E-book! My momma is soooo happy as she’s been wanting me to do this for yearsssss!
I’ve accumulated so much knowledge since I started in 2009 and want to help/ and share what I’ve learned!

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