How to wear an Anklet Year Round!!

Contrary to popular belief anklets are not just to be worn in warmer weather. We've been pairing all of our anklets over socks so that your pieces can be worn all year. With a variety of choices, show your unique style with one of our gold anklets! This piece of jewelry is one of the most unique ways to show off your style and flare. When I was young I couldn't wait to be able to wear one. The age requirement set by my mom to wear this particular piece of jewelry was sixteen. Needless to say I've been wearing one ever since. The only time you won't catch me in one is if I'm wearing boots, other than that if my ankles are out an anklet is on them. I prefer to wear mine on the right ankle probably because I'm right handed, but there's no rhyme or reason they can be worn on either. Or if you're really bold you can wear them on both ankles at the same time!