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Hunting for the Perfect Shade..

Posted on November 20 2015

I've been to more makeup counters this past week than in my entire life. I'm usually more of a powder foundation girl but I've been wanted a little more coverage and more of a flawless finish, so liquid was the way to go. In the above picture I'm trying one of the many shades that were not good. These beauty brands really need to broaden there spectrum of darker shades, it was REALLY hard finding the perfect match. I bought a few and thankfully they gave me a sample so I didn't have to open the bottle because I took both of them back. The two that didn't work were Lancome and Estee Lauder. They looked great in the store but once I took a picture with the flash on HELL NO looked like I had a mask on. I was so sick of trying that I just posted on Instagram asking what are some of your favorite foundations were. My two favorite girls said Bobbi Brown so I just went with it and I'm so happy I did I absolutely LOVE it, so much so I got up-saled by the girl and ended up buying the brush as well. I have oily skin and this one has been great so far, I do also wear primer to soak up the oil as well! Feel free to ask me any questions below about my experience.



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