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Jewelry I wear constantly..

Posted on September 03 2015

I am usually always wearing jewelry, unless I left the house in a rush or on those rare occasions where I can get motivated to workout. So, I wanted to share with you a few of my go-to pieces that are always in rotation!

1. The Dainty Rosary- This necklace gets worn with everything it looks best with v-neck or low tops.

2. My rings- The one on the top left I got at a gem show and I wish I would have bought like 10 of them. I've had this ring over 5 years and it hasn't tarnished much and is only missing a few stones. The one right below it will be available on the site soon. It has an old school 90's feel to it and I always wear it on my first finger. The other two rings are the shutter ring and the band ring and both are available to purchase.

3. The Opal Studs- These are sold out, they are the perfect size for a statement stud. The opal color makes them neutral so they can be worn with gold or silver pieces.

4. The Dainty Hand Piece- This piece is such feminine accessory, sometimes I just wear it alone and let it stand out without any rings.

5. The Bracelet/ Anklet- Last but not least is this chunky bracelet that I added a jump ring to so I could also wear it as an anklet.


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